Updated top scores of FIN-300 metre shooting

The finnish national championships is active in the legendary international shooting centre in Hollola, Finland. Today the best score was made by Aleksi Leppä in standard rifle 3P. Leppä hammered mighty 588 points and won before Juho Kurki (585) and Juho Autio (581). Leppä’s result equals Finnish record which has been shot earlier by Henri Häkkinen and Juho Kurki.

After today’s events Leppä is still leading the Finnish all-time top scores in 300 m including free rifle 60 prone, 3×40 shots and standard rifle

  1. Aleksi Leppä, HAS 2371 (597, 1186, 588)
  2. Juha Hirvi, KAS 2366 (599, 1180, 587)
  3. Juho Kurki, KaA 2363 (595, 1180, 588)

Another shining suprise was when young civilian shooter Riku Koskela made 577 in standard rifle and 595 in free rifle prone. With these results and good shooting in free rifle 3×40 (1163) in the Lapua European Cup in Århus (DAN) last week he climbed to the Top 20 list in all-time top scores by 2335 points.