Pistol camp in Hollola International Shooting Centre

The pistol team of the Finnish Military Shooting Team organised a training camp in the famous Hollola International Shooting Centre (HISC) this week. Recent years has been quite sad with the Covid-19 pandemia. But it has given good training time also to military shooters. This work can be seen in good results of pistol shooters.

Qualifying results for the Nordic Military Shooting Championships 2021

Military rapid fire pistol

  1. Marko Talvitie 586
  2. Joonas Knuuti 576
  3. Joonas Kallio 572
  4. Jan Parhiala 571
  5. Petri Ylinen 571
  6. Jorma Jäntti 561

Centre fire pistol

  1. Marko Talvitie 581
  2. Jorma Jäntti 580
  3. Petri Ylinen 578
  4. Joonas Kallio 578
  5. Joonas Knuuti 559
  6. Jan Parhiala 552

Compined results

  1. Marko Talvitie 1167
  2. Joonas Kallio 1150
  3. Petri Ylinen 1149
  4. Jorma Jäntti 1141
  5. Joonas Knuuti 1135
  6. Jan Parhiala 1123

Talvitie and Kallio has been chosen to represent the Finnish Shooting Sport Federation in European Championships 2021 in Osijek, Croatia. Talvitie will shoot rapid fire pistol, standard pistol and centre fire pistol. Kallio will shoot air pistol, free pistol, standard pistol and centre fire pistol.

More about pistol team here.