The Ultimate Finnish Shooters who has achieved 600/600 points

There are six Finnish military shooters who had gained total 600/600 points in ISSF/CISM rifle discipline.

The military shooters in the Club 600.

1. Tapio Säynevirta forced first in Finland 600 points ever with his excellent .308 rifle. He did it in free rifle prone event in Tammisaari 7.6.2003.
2. Keijo Minkkinen also did 600 in Finnish Shooting Sport Associations championships in Lahti 29.8.2003
3. Kari Pennanen reached 600 points in prone at 300 metre as the third shooter in Finland (Danish 300-EC 29.7.2005)
4. Aarne Markko is the fourth finnish shooter who has achieved the very splendid result of 600 (3.6.2006).
5. Henri Häkkinen is the fifth finnish shooter who has done a full performance by doing 600 in an air rifle match (15.2.2008, Finnish teams championships). Furthermore, Henri equalised Finnish record, 600 points, in free rifle 300 metre prone on saturday 30.8.2008 in Oulu, Finland.
6. Aleksi Leppä joined the 600 group when forced all his shots into the ten ring in the European championships qualification (10.1.2021, Turku Shooting Centre). His decimal score was 627.4.

Other Finnish shooters who has scored 600

The seventh finnish shooter who has conquered 600 points in the competition is Olympic silver medallist (Sydney 2000) Juha Hirvi. He did it in small bore rifle prone 1.8.2004. Juha Hirvi has not been a member of the FMST.

Emmi Hyrkäs, the eighth and the first female shooter in Finland to shoot 600/600. This happened in air rifle qualification match in Elva (EST) 28.1.2022. Her actual decimal score was 627.1. Miss Hyrkäs is not a member of the Finnish Military Team.

Marianne Palo, the ninth shooter in Finland to shoot 600/600 and the first triple 600 point shooter. These have happened in air rifle in the Xmas Match in Jalasjärvi (FIN) 30.12.2022 by decimal score 631.0 (55x), in air rifle in the Leppä Grand Prix in Kisakallio 21.1.2023 while shooting 622.6 and in air rifle 17.6.2023 in the 21th Master Shootings in Danmark by 630.2 (53x). Miss Palo is not a member of the Finnish Military Team.

Juha Hirvi
Emmi Hyrkäs
Marianne Palo

Hanna Pitkänen

Furthermore, Hanna Pitkänen has gained score 400/400 in air rifle when the female shooters had 40 shot in the competition. This happened in the Finnish team championships in Mikkeli 19.2.2011.

Besides ISSF/CISM disciplines also air rifle 60 shots prone is competed in Finland. The statistic for this in unsure.

Pauliina Frilander has made 600 integer points four times: 1) FIN Champs Tampere 31.3.2017 (630.1/57x), 2) FIN Champs Turku 5.11.2022 (631.3/56x), 3) Esbo Träffen 18.12.2022 (630.5/53x) and FIN Champs 5.3.2023 (633.1/57x) in air rifle prone.

Marjo Yli-Kiikka has shot 60 inner tens in Fin Champs in 2019. Her pretty nice score was 634.9.

Multitalent Lauri Lauste forced 633.3 (60x) in FIN Champs in Espoo 5.3.2023.

Marjo Yli-Kiikka
Pauliina Frilander
Lauri Lauste