Problems in the future of CISM Shooting?

According to the international pieces of information of the CISM shooting our great discipline is more or less in danger.

After Swiss colonel Bruno Wolfensberger had to resign of his military duties the management of the CISM shooting has gone quite problematic. Recently elected new president shooting of the CISM, Chinese lieutenant colonel Vincent Zhang is heard to have some challenges to fulfill his and shooting committees tasks. Anyway we remember that the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan (CHN) was an occasion to remember very long.

The development of the CISM situation is being carefully looked after.

Furthermore, we have heard that the CISM military shooting championships 2020 in Thailand is cancelled. The same may happen with CISM Cadet Games in Russia this year. And for the coming years, there are not big rush with organisers.

To maintain our core military sport the CISM needs to find organisers for the world or regional championships. This could be done all or some disciplines together or totally separately: 25 m, 50 m, 300 m or shotgun. So, athletes and coaches etc, please contact your head of delegation to maintain the great opportunity to demonstrate this great skill of the military.